Building Inspections:


What buildings are inspected?

  • Commercial spaces and high occupancy residential buildings within the City of Commerce.

Why are businesses inspected?

  • Fire inspections reduce damage and loss of life while reducing the demand for emergency responses in the city.
  • Compliance with the fire code is required by state law.
  • The fire code requires inspection and maintenance of businesses within a jurisdiction.

What does the inspection include?

  • The inspections cover business areas, public areas and the exterior space of businesses and multi-family residential buildings.
  • Business owners have direct contact with fire inspectors allowing for open dialog on fire related topics.

What is the purpose of a fire inspection?

  • The goal of inspections is to reduce the loss of life and property by fire.
  • Fire inspections are an opportunity to educate business owners and the public about fire and life safety issues.
  • Information collected during these inspections is used by fire personnel to make decisions in the event of emergencies.
  • Fire code violations are prevented by providing information on fire code requirements during routine inspections.

What version of fire code applies?

  • The current fire code adopted by the City of Commerce is The International Fire Code 2003 edition.
  • The Fire Code applies to new construction and existing businesses.
  • The fire code is revised every 3 years. The City of Commerce will review and adopt the appropriate code.

How often are fire inspections performed?

  • Businesses are inspected annually or semiannually depending on the hazards and complexity if the inspection.

What happens if fire code violations are noted during an inspection?

  • Businesses have 14 days to comply with the fire code as noted on the fire inspections.
  • Report corrections to your fire inspector within 14 days of the inspection.
  • Life threatening or repeat violations may need to be corrected immediately or within a short timeline.

What happens if fire code violations do not get corrected within 14 days?

  • Businesses are liable for problems noted during the fire inspections.
  • A Fire Inspector will contact you in an effort to correct the items that are outstanding.